Dumpster Enclosure Resource Guide

A permit is required for installation of a dumpster enclosure. If you have hired a contractor to perform the work, your contractor must obtain a Contractor's Business License with the Village before issuance of the permit.

If you have any questions, please contact the Permitting Division of the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.

Current Fee: $170

Submittal Requirements:

Required Inspections:

  • Rough
  • Final

Inspections can be scheduled up to 4pm the business day prior to the requested inspection date by contacting the Permitting Division of the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.

Code Requirements:

All enclosures shall screen from view all refuge disposal areas on all sides.

Construction of enclosure shall be of a solid grade wood or Village approved material.

Where required a fourth side gate shall be constructed such that all containers may easily be removed and replaced when emptied. The gate shall be secured with a pipe embedded into the pavement to ensure the gate's stability and proper placement when emptied.

The enclosure walls shall not exceed seven feet nor be less than six feet in height.

The minimum size and / or minimum number of refuge enclosures shall be sufficient to hold all refuge and recycling containers of two cubic yards in volume or more, and grease containers of any size.

Pavement requirements for dumpster enclosures shall be a minimum of six (6”) of reinforced concrete pavement (6” by 6” rigid fabric) over two inches (2”)of compacted aggregate base course. All dumpster pads shall extend a minimum distance of fifteen feet (15’) beyond the gate of the dumpster enclosure and extend the entire width of the enclosure, and they shall be eight (8") of reinforced concrete pavement.