Electrical Service Resource Guide

When performing electrical service work, a permit is required. If a contractor is performing the work, he must have a valid Village Contractor's Business License before the permit is issued.

If you have any questions, please contact the Permitting Division of the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.

Current Fee:

  • Less than 400 and 400 ampere service $88
  • 600-1,000 ampere service $98
  • 1,200 plus ampere service $130

Submittal Requirements:

Required Inspections:

  • Rough service connection
  • Final service connection

Inspections can be scheduled up to 4pm the business day prior to the requested inspection date by contacting the Permitting Division of the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.

Code Requirements:

230-62 Service Equipment-General:

In buildings zoned as commercial or industrial, and in buildings that are zoned as residential (such as apartment complexes, day care or nursing homes, condominiums, retirement centers, and the like) where vaults, transformers and/or distribution points are established throughout the various floors of the building, all such electrical equipment shall be grouped and installed in an approved electrical closet and/or electrical equipment room.

Such closet and/or room shall be for the exclusive use of the electrical system, and shall be so constructed as to provide the required working space around all of the electrical equipment installed therein.

230-79(c) One-Family Dwelling: For a new one-family dwelling, the service disconnect means shall have a rating of not less than two hundred (200) amperes.

230-79(d) All Others: For other installations, the service disconnecting means, and/or electrical panelboards, shall have a rating of not less than one hundred (100) amperes.

230-79(e) Branch Circuits In Panelboards (Breakers): Panelboards shall not exceed forty-two (42) single-pole spaces. If additional panelboards are connected, at no time shall more than eighty-four (84) spaces be used without a main disconnecting means, and shall not exceed eighty (80) percent of the rating of the panel.

All electrical panelboards, sub-panelboards, sub-feed conductors, and the like, shall be a minimum of one hundred (100) ampere rated in all commercial and industrial installations.

Exception: Service equipment for special use, such as aerators, commercial fountains, signboards, and the like, may be permitted to be rated less than one hundred (100) ampere, provided that special permission in writing is obtained from the electrical inspector prior to installation.

Article 230-202(a) Conductor Size:

Shall read as follows: Service-entrance conductors shall not be smaller than number three (#3) gauge AWG THW copper conductors.