Temporary Seasonal Outdoor Seating Resource Guide

A permit is required for restaurants wishing to provide temporary outdoor seating for their customers. These permits are only issued for a maximum of 160 days per year. Only existing restaurants with a valid special use approval may provide an area for outdoor seating.

If you have any questions, please contact the Permitting Division of the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.

Current Fee:


Submittal Requirements:

  • Temporary Seasonal Outdoor Seating Application
  • Drawing, including measurements, of the proposed outdoor seating area including, but not limited to, tables, chairs, awnings, and trash receptacles.
  • Written description of where all outdoor seating and accessory items will be stored during the off-season when outdoor seating is not provided.
  • A valid liquor license is required if liquor will be provided.

Required Inspections:

  • Final inspection

Inspections can be scheduled up to 4pm the business day prior to the requested inspection date by contacting the Permitting Division of the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.

Code Requirements:

  • A maximum of twelve (12) outdoor seats may be placed on-site without amendment to the special use or provision of additional parking spaces.
  • Outdoor seating shall be placed on an existing paved area.
  • Liquor may only be provided on the premise with a valid liquor license.
  • A fence or similar barrier shall be constructed around any outdoor seating area where liquor is served. The fence shall include a self latching gate with a sign reading "NO ALCOHOL BEYOND THIS POINT".
  • Direct access from the restaurant into the outdoor seating area shall be provided. A public restroom is required.
  • The outdoor seating area shall be cleaned a minimum of twice daily or as necessary to ensure that it is kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • If the area is self service by customers, then a trash receptacle shall be kept in the outdoor area to provide for efficient disposal of waste.
  • A minimum of five (5) feet of clear space must be maintained for all pedestrian walkways or aisles.
  • All seating shall be located a minimum of five (5) feet from any drive aisle or point of vehicular access.
  • Permit must be posted in a visible location within the restaurant, near the occupancy load sign and business license.