Screen Test Jr.

Screen Test Jr.

Films by students in grades 2 - 5
Saturday, April 13
10 am Bagel and Donut Reception
11 am Screenings

  Do the Dryden Dos
Music Video, 2 min., 10 sec.
Written and Directed by: Fugleflick Filmmakers - 

Rachel, Emilia, Emily, Rosemary, Kristina, Charlotte, Aleena, Sage, Kai, Jonas, Jovanni, and Frankie

Advisor - Tricia Fuglestad, Dryden Elementary School


What if kindness was contagious? 
What if you could activate change just from your example? 
Believe in yourself because we believe in you. 
It's not hard to do the right thing. 
So do the Dryden Do's. 


Eme: Attack of the Tornado

Eme: A Bad Case of the Flu

Eme: The Fight

Animation: 33 sec., 48 sec., 1 min. 26 sec. 

Written and Directed by: Ethan Baumert, Schaumburg, IL


The adventures of two-dimensional Eme ("Ee-mee") in three installments.


Heroes Around Me: Ma and Pa
NonFiction, 2 min., 20 sec.

Written and Directed by John Burns, Rochester Hills, MI


A documentary celebrating the lives of the filmmakers' heroes: his grandfather and grandmother.


Lake Lanier Life

NonFiction, 4 min., 30 sec.

Directed by: Spencer Perry and Tripp Hopkins, Gainesville, GA


A Drone/GoPro video shot by two 10 year-olds documenting their fun on Lake Lanier, a lake outside of Atlanta, Georgia, USA



Music Video, 2 min.
Written and Directed by: Fugleflick Filmmakers - 

Claire, Daniel , Joana, Julia, Kristina, Martin, Mary, Natalie, Nicolet, Rachel, Samantha, and Sophia

Advisor - Tricia Fuglestad, Dryden Elementary School


A group of twelve 5th grade Fugleflick filmmakers created an original musical video demonstrating how wonderful an undo button would be in the art room.


All filmmakers will attend to represent their films, either in person or via live internet video call. 

To be awarded:
Best in Show - $100


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