Business Licenses

Title 11, Chapter 110 of the Village Code requires persons and entities conducting, maintaining or operating a business, occupation or activity to obtain and display a valid business license. Businesses regulated by the Federal Government or State of Illinois are exempt from village licensing. Business licenses are issued on a calendar-year basis and expire December 31. Renewal notices are sent to licensed businesses in November.

For General information, select the Business Resource Guide.

New businesses are required to:

  • Apply for a Certificate of Occupancy.  To begin the process, Contact the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420 prior to applying for a business license,
  • Once the Certificate of Occupancy is approved, complete a  business license application and submit to the Finance Department. If the business has retail sales, an IL Certificate of Registration, with Location Code: 016-0116-4-001 for Schaumburg, must be submitted along with the business license application before final approval. 
  • Pay for the business license fee(s), before the business license will be issued. Please allow two weeks for processing.
When Do I Renew My Business License?
  • Renewal Season is November 1 through December 31 and can be completed online using the village's WebPay System.  Customers are subject to credit card transaction fees.   

Business license fees can be found in the village's Fee Schedule. The fee for business licenses issued after July 1, of the same calendar year, will be pro-rated at one-half of the annual fee.

Please contact the Finance Division with any questions at 847.923.4546 or 4547.

Businesses Regulated by the State of Illinois

If a business license is licensed by the State of Illinois (for example, Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Financial Institutions, etc.), the business must be REGISTERED in Schaumburg with a  Business Registration Form. The form must be completed annually and submitted with a copy of a valid state license.  A Village of Schaumburg business license will not be issued. However, the State of Illinois license must be displayed at the business as proof of licensing.  For questions, contact the Finance Division at 847.923.4546 or 4547.