Entertainment License

Entertainment is defined, but not limited to, arcades, amusement rides, animal shows, exhibits and/or demonstrations, bands, concerts, carnivals, circuses, dances, disk jockey/DJ performances, exhibitions, arcade-type games and equipment, live or mechanically produced music, musicals, pageants, personality and celebrity appearances, readings, recitals, shows, singing, theatricals, zoos of any nature, and similar performances of any nature.

There are two types of entertainment licenses that require application submittal:

Annual Entertainment License

(Current Fee $237)

An Annual Entertainment License application must be submitted for any entertainment activities or events scheduled within a calendar year period for a single establishment or location. The application must be submitted by the business owner and explain in detail each activity and will require standing committee and Village Board approval. Any changes in ownership of an establishment with an approved entertainment license shall void the license. Any new owner shall be required to submit for an annual entertainment license if entertainment is requested. New ownership requires standing committee and Village Board approval.

Daily Entertainment License

(Current Fee $30)

A Special Event permit application must be submitted to obtain a Daily Entertainment License for a single entertainment activity or event scheduled for seven (7) or less days in duration, either consecutive or intermittent, within a calendar year period for a single establishment or location. Daily entertainment licenses are restricted to no later than 1 am on Sunday through Thursday and 2 am on Friday and Saturday. Depending on the extent of the entertainment event, additional licenses and permits may be required including but not limited to a Municipal Property/Right-of-Way permit, liquor license, signage permit, electrical permit, and raffle permit.

If you have any questions regarding entertainment licenses, please contact the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.