Vending License

Title 11, Chapter 119 of the Village Code requires that all vending machines located in the village display a valid vending license. A vending machine is one that dispenses a variety of products in exchange for payment of some type. Vending machine products may include beverages, food, and any other type of personal property.

  • A separate license is required for each encased unit having one or more slots for payment, or multiple machines attached together and operated by a common slot for payment.
  • Separately encased units bundled together on a stand, support or rack shall have a separate license
    for each unit.
  • The license period for vending machines is January 1 through December 31. Licenses must be renewed annually.
  • Vending Machine License Fees are calculated at 100 times the average of the lowest and highest priced items. The minimum license fee is $15 and the maximum license fee is $150. Fees for licenses purchased after December 31 are doubled.

A application for a vending machine license can be submitted to the Finance Department Collections Division:

Robert O. Atcher Municipal Center
101 Schaumburg Court

Click here for hours of operation 


Call 847.923.4537

When Do I Renew My Vending Licenses?

  • November 1st through December 31st - apply online using WebPay
  • Customers are subject to credit card transaction fees.