Freedom of Information Act

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 What is the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?

 The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law was enacted on July 1, 1984. It is intended to provide citizens access to all official documents and records in whatever form they are maintained.  Additional information regarding FOIA is found at the Illinois Attorney General Website.

Information at your fingertips!
In our efforts to provide you access to public information, the Village of Schaumburg maintains links to information on our website such as these:

Agendas and Minutes
Bids and Proposals
Contact Us 

Construction and Projects

Financial Information
Labor Agreements
Monthly Reports

Municipal Code 

Policy Manual

Organizational Chart
Taxes and Fees
Traffic Accident Reports
Vendor Disbursements

Document Archive

The village's Document Archive  also provides access to public records (except police reports) that may not be posted to the website.

How do I obtain something that is not online for example a Police Report?

Not all items are available on our website such as accident reports or arrest records.  Requests for documents not available online can be made through our online Freedom of Information (FOIA) Center.  This easy to use document center lets you find information, submit a request, and view the status of your inquiries.

Previous FOIA requests can be viewed on the closed FOIA Request list.  Requests which would reveal information that is normally protected under FOIA due to privacy or public safety are not be made available to the public

Is there a fee?

If the information is stored electronically it can be sent to you at no cost. If paper copies are provided the first 50 pages are free. After that 15 cents per page for 8x11 size pages will be charged. Additional reasonable charges may apply for other documents.   

Response Time

The village either provides the records or denies a request for public records within 5 or 21 business days depending on the type of  request, unless the time for response is extended as permitted by law.

To Submit a FOIA please use the online system.  

Click here to submit an online FOIA Request


You can also send a written request by mail, fax, or hand deliver in person to the appropriate FOIA Officer's address.

Municipal FOIA Officer

For general questions contact the Municipal FOIA Officer:  

Lance Malina 

Village of Schaumburg

101 Schaumburg Court

Schaumburg, IL 60193




Police FOIA Officer

For Police questions contact the  contact the Police FOIA Officer:       


Jennifer Brack 

Schaumburg Police Department

1000 West Schaumburg Road
Schaumburg IL 60194


Phone: 847.348.7024

Fax: 847.882.5572                             

The fastest way to get information processed is to submit your request using our online system.  You can also send a written request by mail to the appropriate FOIA Officer's address listed above.