iWalk/Bike to School Day

iWalk/Bike to School Day is a specially designated day designed to encourage parents and students to define safe walking or bicycling routes to and from school. On the iWalk/Bike to School Day, Village of Schaumburg and school staff hand out rewards, such as pencils, to students who participate by walking or bicycling from home to school that morning.iWalk/Bike Photo Collage

When a school signs up for an iWalk/Bike event, it is hoped that participating in the event will sustain walking and bicycling habits beyond the one-day event. Walking and bicycling to school offer many health and environmental benefits for our children and also improve pedestrian safety besides helping to reduce traffic and congestion.

With assistance from each school and Parent Teacher Associations, we can help everyone understand the environmental, health, and congestion-easing benefits from walking and bicycling to school can provide. Please visit Walk & Bike to School for more information on walking and biking to school or download a flyer developed by the Village of Schaumburg.

If you would like to set up an iWalk/Bike to School Day event, please contact the Village of Schaumburg Transportation Department at 847.923.3856.

Fall 2019 iWalk/Bike to School Events

During the  Fall of 2019,  9 schools participated in iWalk/Bike to School Day events. During these events, 370 students biked and 1,300 students walked to school for a total participation rate of 36%!

2019/2020 Participants:

Blackwell Elementary School

Campanelli Elementary School

Enders-Salk Elementary School

Aldrin Elementary School

Collins Elementary School

Dooley Elementary School

Dirksen Elementary School

 Hoover Math & Science Academy
 Nathan Hale Elementary School