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Requests to Cancel Auto-renew

The village has received multiple inquiries for directions on how to cancel auto-renew. Below are directions to complete this process. If you follow the below steps and still have trouble. Email the village at

  • Login to your account - Click here if you are having issues logging in. MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE CORRECT LOGIN METHOD. Some accounts are based on email and others are based on phone number. If you do not see your permit, log out and click "change account" to switch between a cell phone account and an email account.
  • Click "View/Add" Permits at the top of the screen
  • Click "Setup Automatic Renewal" or “Manage Auto-Renew”
  • Click "Cancel"

    Parking Information

    Ample paid vehicular parking and free bicycle parking is available on the north side (Boomers Stadium) of the train tracks. Overnight parking is allowed and the parking lot is not free on the weekends.

    Parking on the south side of the train tracks is outside of the Village of Schaumburg, owned by Metra, and operated and maintained by SP Plus Parking.

    Where can I Park?

    Map for Permit and Daily Fee parking sections

    • Vehicles may park in any section of the Schaumburg Metra Station parking lot.
    • Patrons cannot reserve a specific parking space; lot availability is on a first come first served basis.
    • Handicap parking is available near the tracks for Daily Fee and Permit Holders. However, persons with disabilities are not exempt from daily fee payment unless they have a Meter-Exempt Permanent Placard (Gray & Yellow Placard). For additional information please see 2015 Illinois Parking Program for Persons with Disabilities.

    Daily Fee Parking

    • $1.75 per day
    • Use one of the 4 Parking Kiosks located on the north side of railroad tracks or the Passport Parking App.
    • Your License Plate is used to pay for your parking. Be sure to know your license plate number when you pay. Do not include any spaces or special characters when paying for parking.
    • Daily fee parking is available for a maximum of 14 days, which includes overnight parking.
    • If you have any issues, please call 847-923-3861 as soon as possible. Leave a message if no one answers you and staff will contact you during business hours.
    • Always save your receipt.

    2 Methods to Pay for Parking

    Pay Using Parking Kiosk

    Mobile Payment

    ·  There are four parking meters available that accept coins, paper currency, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

    ·  Exact change only. NO REFUNDS GIVEN!

    ·  Multiple days can be added up to 14 days. Pay attention to how many days you are adding.

    ·   Always save your receipt

    ·  Begin by registering a new account. This can be accomplished by downloading the Passport Parking App, going online, or calling 847.380.4332

    ·  Enter Vehicle Zone Number - (60193)

    ·  Enter your license plate number

    ·  Confirm the time needed for your session.


    Additional Mobile Payment Notes:

    • The mobile app allows drivers to extend their parking session to the maximum time allowed, add or update payment card details, save their vehicle's license plate number, as well as manage notification and receipt options. The same functions are also available on the mobile website. Additionally, the mobile application and website allow users to select from multiple language options for non-English speakers.
    • For users without smartphones, customers are invited to Pay-by-Voice by calling 847.380.4332, providing the zone (60193), license plate number, and payment information.
    • Users of the Passport Parking application will be charged a $.40 service fee for each initial transaction used to purchase a parking space or to extend their time. Once the maximum time has been reached, customers must leave their parking spot or they are subject to receiving a citation.

    Monthly & Quarterly Parking Permits

    • No Hang Tags, the permit is based on your vehicle’s License Plate Number.
    • Up to four vehicles can be listed under a permit. However, only one of those vehicles may be parked in the lot at one time.
    • Permit holders have the ability to set up auto-renew which enables the permit holder to not have to manually purchase a permit each month or quarter.
    • Click to view Permit Policies, Terms, & Conditions.
    • Need additional help? Please read the Frequently Asked Questions.


    • The cost of the permit includes all associated fees, including credit card fees.
    • $32 for a Monthly Permit
    • $81 for a Quarterly Permit
      • Note: Quarterly permits are only available for the 4 quarters of the year: January – March, April – June, July – September, and October – December.

    2 Ways to Purchase a Monthly Parking Permit

     In Person Online 

    Business Hours and Holiday Schedule Click here - Please consider paying online first to reduce exposure to COVID-19

    24/7 Access 

    Check, Cash, and Credit/Debit options. To speed up the transaction with the front counter, please fill out this form ahead of time.

    All major credit cards accepted including WageWorks Cards

    Municipal Center

    Finance Counter
    101 Schaumburg Ct

    Police Department

    1000 W Schaumburg Rd

    Purchase a Monthly or Quarterly Permit

    Parking - South Side of the Railroad Tracks

    Parking in the south parking lot at the Schaumburg Metra Station is in the village of Roselle and is NOT maintained or operated by the Village of Schaumburg.

    Parking on the south side of the railroad tracks can be purchased by using the Parking Kiosks on the south side, by using the Park Mobile App or calling Park Mobile at 877.727.5004. If you are calling or using the app, make sure you use the proper zone number (218) and remember your space number. Questions regarding the south parking lot spaces can be answered by calling SP Plus Parking.