RTA Passes for Seniors & those with Disabilities

RTA Pass Senior Circuit Ride Free Permit, Senior Reduced Fare Permit, And People With Disabilities Ride Free

The Village of Schaumburg is one of RTA's processing centers where you can fill out an application to receive the RTA Senior Circuit Ride Free Permit or the Senior Reduced Fare Permit good for free or reduced fare rides on Metra, CTA, and fixed Pace routes. In order to take advantage of this program, you must apply for an RTA pass online at www.rtachicago.org; Fares Programs tab, or from one of the registration sites.

Who Can Apply

For the Senior Circuit Ride Free Permit or the People with Disabilities Ride Free card, persons 65 or older or persons with a disability who are registered in the Illinois Circuit Breaker Program may apply. For the Senior Reduced Fare Permit card, persons 65 and older who do not qualify for the Circuit Breaker Program may apply.

Benefits Access Program - formerly known Illinois Circuit Breaker Program: Phone 847.923.3861 with any questions.

Annual income requirements to be eligible for the Circuit Breaker Program

· $27,610 - for yourself

· $36,635 - for yourself and your spouse, or yourself and one qualified additional household resident

· $45,657 - for yourself and your spouse and at least one qualified additional resident, or yourself and at least two qualified household residents

(For seniors, applications are accepted within three (3) weeks of your 65 birthday.)

Where to Go

To obtain any of the cards discussed, please come to the Robert O. Atcher Municipal Center located at 101 Schaumburg Court between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday and go to the Transportation Department located at the lower level of the building. Please call 847.923.3861 or email Norma Higgins at nhiggins@schaumburg.com if you require special assistance. For persons requiring an elevator, please enter the building at the main entrance by the flag pole.

What to Bring

A photo ID (Drivers License, State ID, or a Passport). ID cards that have expired will not be accepted as identification.

The Village of Schaumburg Transportation Department will:

  • Provide you with an application to fill out which includes your name, address, date of birth, and phone number
  • Make a copy of your ID
  • Take your picture

    The village will then mail your application with the copy of your ID and photograph to the RTA. The RTA will create the ID and mail it to your home address provided on the application.
    Allow up to six (6) weeks from the application date to receive your Card.

Replacement Cards

If your Card is lost or stolen, you must fill out a replacement application. Applications are available at the village’s Transportation Department or call the RTA 847.836.7000. The fee is $5 for the first replacement and $10 for each additional replacement. You will be required to mail the application and payment directly to the RTA. It is not necessary to submit another photograph and picture ID.

If your Card has expired or is expiring soon, you need to re-apply. Simply call an RTA Customer Service Representative at 847.836.7000 between 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Please have your social security number and the ID number on the bottom of your permit ready.

Ride Free Program Changes

Please follow the link to find more information on updates and changes to the RTA Free and Reduced Fare permit cards. RTA Fare Programs for Seniors and Disabled Persons.