Garage Sale

Garage Sale

Garage Sale Permits are Mandatory

A village permit is required to conduct a garage/occasional sale and must be displayed on the premises at the sale.

Some Homeowner's Associations do not allow garage sales. Issuance of this permit does not release applicant from complying with any restrictions recorded against the property, including Homeowner's Association covenants.

Garage sale permits can be obtained online.

or at the Village of Schaumburg, Community Development Department, 101 Schaumburg Court, click here for hours of operation or by calling 847.923.4430.

Please Note:

Once you create your account and complete the Garage Sale Permit - your listing will display on our Garage Sale map (typically 2 hours after your Permit was created)

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Garage Sale Regulations

(Chapter 118, Sections 118.01-118.09)

Garage sales are allowed for three (3) consecutive days from Thursday to Sunday from the hours of 9am to 6pm within any twelve month period of January 1 through December 31. For each residence, garage sales are limited to two (2) permits a year for each address for a maximum of six (6) days in total.

Any item, good, ware, or merchandise offered for sale shall have been used or intended for the personal use of the person or family member of the person who is conducting the garage sale. Items purchased for resale purposes shall not be allowed to be offered for sale at any garage sale.

The person conducting the garage sale may place on display any goods, wares, or merchandise up to the front property line, but only on that portion of the front yard which is paved (i.e., driveway). Such displays may not extend beyond the property line. Articles for sale may be displayed inside the garage, inside the back yard, and on a side driveway of the house if one exists.

Garage Sale Signs and Posting Regulations

House signs shall be displayed only in the area from the lot line (public sidewalk) to the thirty foot line (front building line of house) of the premises where the sale is being held. Such house signs shall not exceed six square feet in gross surface area for each exposed face, nor exceed an aggregate of twelve square feet and each elevated to a height no greater than three  feet from the ground to the top of the sign. Balloons, streamers, etc. are prohibited.

  • Four directional signs for any one garage sale shall be allowed subject to the following restrictions:
  • Each sign shall not exceed six square feet in gross surface area per sign face.
  • Each sign shall denote the address of the garage sale.
  • Signs shall be elevated to a height no greater than three feet from the ground to the top of the sign.
  • A sign shall not be placed in any manner to obstruct any line of vision for drivers of any vehicle.
  • Only one garage sale sign to the same address may be posted on one track of real estate or intersection.
  • All signs must be removed no later than three hours after conclusion of the sale, and in no event later than 9pm on the Sunday of the sale.

Food and Drink Regulations

The Illinois Department of Public Health Food Service Sanitation Code prohibits the sale of food and preparation of food for sale from any residential dwelling. However, the Village of Schaumburg Department of Health and Human Services will permit the sale of canned soft drinks and individually prepackaged bags of snacks and candy only. The sale of glass bottles is prohibited. Residents selling the soft drinks and snacks, and any other residents participating in the garage sale, shall be responsible for removing any trash along the streets, parkways, and other public areas that accumulate due to the sale of such foods.

If your property is governed by a Homeowner’s Association, please remember to check with your Association for any additional requirements or regulations.

Donation Opportunities

If you wish to donate unsold garage sale items, the following list includes agencies that provide services to citizens of Schaumburg Township that have expressed interest in receiving garage sale items.

Shelter Inc. Thrift Shop

622 S. Roselle Road

Schaumburg, IL 60193

Telephone: 847.534.0276

Pick up service for Furniture only

Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center

825 E. Nerge Rd.

Roselle,IL 60172

Telephone: 630.539.2624

Pick up service available

WINGS Resale Store

300 West Golf Road

Schaumburg, IL 60195

Store: 847-884-7411

Furniture Pickup: 224-938-3902

Kenneth Young Center

1001 Rohlwing Road

Elk Grove Village IL 60007

Telephone: 847.524.8800