Beekeeping is allowed in most of the residential districts as a “Special Use.” Residents now have two options: keeping and maintaining their hives in Schaumburg’s new Community Bee Garden or at home.  Schaumburg’s Community Bee Garden is a secure location on village property where residents may keep and maintain their bee hives!

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Option 1:  Maintain a Bee Hive in Schaumburg's Community Bee Garden located at 200 S. Plum Grove Road.

Option 2: Maintain a Bee Hive on my own property

Where can I get more information about beekeeping?

Local beekeeping associations are great sources for information. Consider contacting and joining one of the associations listed below:

Local community colleges offer beekeeping classes that provide useful information on beekeeping.

  • College of Lake County: Check the Personal Enrichment - Adult Programs for their Beekeeping Classes.
  • McHenry County College (scroll to page 22 of the 2016 Noncredit Schedule): Beekeeping Classes