Senior Citizen Programs

The Barn Senior Program - Celebrating Life!

The Barn

The Barn serves as a second home for many of the area's seniors and friends with disabilities. The Village of Schaumburg's programs for seniors and friends with disabilities provide food, fun and fellowship as well as an opportunity for seniors to help their fellow seniors and their community. We welcome volunteers to help assist with our activities and programs.

Committed to good nutrition for the mind, body and soul, the Barn offers nutritious, affordable meals (suggested donation $3.25 - $3.50), fellowship through numerous special events and educational programs enlightening seniors on current topics.


Come and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, delicious & nutritious food and all that the Barn has to offer. Seniors and residents with disabilities from the Village of Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg Township, and other communities are welcome.


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April 2020 Calendar 


2020 Social Saturday Dates

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Other programs include:

Barn Activities

  • Free health clinic twice per month
  • The Older Adult Market  program provides free food including fresh produce for older adults in our community.  Complete this proxy form, which is intended for an older adult, sixty years and older, who are physically unable to pick up the food  on their own. Please bring the completed form to the Older Adult Market.  
  • Intergenerational garden
  • Intergenerational programs with youth volunteers from local schools
  • Video library, courtesy of the Schaumburg Township District
  • Medical seminars
  • Financial seminars
  • Police and Fire Department safety programs
  • Monthly movie days
  • Special parties
  • Trips
  • Monthly exercise activities
  • Craft group
  • Monthly book club
  • Bingo, card playing and more!