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Snow & Ice Operations

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Ever wonder what it takes to plan, design and implement Schaumburg’s multi-million dollar snow and ice operation? It’s an amazing undertaking and a testament to the village’s commitment to serving Schaumburg residents.

When the snow starts falling, two shifts of 30 personnel and 20 additional supplemental staff are available at a moment’s notice to work together to keep the roads clear from snow and ice. Employees will work 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays, to perform tasks related to snow and ice removal to keep the village’s streets safe for the public.

The department uses two professional weather forecasting agencies to predict approaching storm events and to gather information such as air and pavement temperatures, wind speed, timing of the storm and precipitation type to aid in determining the best approach to deal with the event. Operations are designed to react to forecasted conditions and can be downgraded or upgraded as conditions change. Crews are called out in either one of three operation modes or a full callout if necessary. The village can utilize up to 50 vehicles, from 4x4s and pick-ups with plows to tandem axle and 2.5 ton dump trucks with plows and liquid systems.

Regardless of what type of operation is selected, the village is responsible for 219 centerline miles of village roads, 11 village-owned parking lots and sidewalks and 431 cul-de-sacs. While a majority of Schaumburg’s roadways are plowed by village crews, some roads are the responsibility of other local agencies that include the Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Tollway Authority, Cook County Highway Department and surrounding towns that border Schaumburg. For a list of roadways controlled by other agencies, please visit the village’s website.

Additional information about Schaumburg’s snow and ice removal can be found by visiting the village’s website.