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Woodland Restoration Project

Contractors are continuing work on the Woodland Restoration Project which involves renovations to the creekbed, surface grading, and replanting of native species along the area located south of the Robert O. Atcher Municipal Center and the Prairie Center. As part of this phase of the project, sections of the creek are being diverted as workers grade the surface and place rocks to help minimize future erosion of the creek bed. Invasive vegetation will be cleared to make way for new growth of native landscaping that will be replanted following the improvements.

View a map of the affected area.

Crews are working on weekdays during daytime hours beginning at 7 a.m. and may perform some work on weekends as needed. Prairie burns, which would take place on Saturdays, may also be scheduled as needed during various phases of the project to clear vegetation. Various improvements will be performed as weather permits; the project is scheduled to last through September.

For questions about the Woodland Restoration Project, call (847) 895-7100 for the village's Engineering & Public Works Department.