Green Corner

Schaumburg has committed to many sustainability initiatives, including: 

Comprehensive Green Action Plan (C GAP)

  • In 2008 the village approved the Comprehensive Green Action Plan (C GAP) to expand and build upon over thirty programs, policies, and ordinances that are already in place.
Comprehensive Green Action Plan
  • C GAP focuses on programs and policies that will strengthen the village’s commitment to the environment and provides clear, organized direction and expectations for staff and the community.
  • The implementation of C GAP will bring the village closer to meeting the recommended actions established in the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, and will signify Schaumburg as leader in environmental stewardship.

Biodiversity: A Plan for the Village of Schaumburg

Biodiversity Plan

  • In 2004, the Village adopted the Village of Schaumburg Biodiversity Recovery Plan which provides specific guidance for maintaining, restoring, and preserving the integrity of open space in the village. The plan targets specific high priority sites and makes recommendations for the preservation and restoration of these sites.
  • In 2006, the plan was recognized for the village's exceptional contribution in protecting biodiversity in the Chicago Wilderness area and was awarded the Chicago Wilderness Excellence in Conservation Award. The plan was also recognized by the Chaddick Institute in 2009.