Medical Reserve Corps

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Be Informed.  Be prepared.  Be ready.  Be a volunteer.

The mission of the Village of Schaumburg Medical Reserve Corp is to facilitate the engagement of medical, public health and civic volunteers who will assist in building a strong, healthy, prepared community.

As a volunteer, you will gain personal satisfaction, a chance to make a difference in your community, an opportunity to network with other volunteers and knowledge that you are part of a community-wide emergency response effort.

What is the purpose of a MRC?

  • Recruit medical and other health professionals into volunteer service
  • Train and educate members
  • Participate in non-emergency essential public health services, such as health education and community outreach
  • Supplement the Village of Schaumburg emergency response personnel in the event of a disaster or emergency

Who can volunteer?

MRC volunteers include both medical and non-medical Schaumburg residents who are interested in emergency preparedness. 

Contact one of the Medical Reserve coordinators:

Emergency Management Coordinator: 847.923.6761

Nursing Supervisor: 847.923.3760

Make a Difference......VOLUNTEER