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Wheeled Carts with Lids

Wheeled Carts with Lids 

Any requests to exchange or receive a new garbage and/or recycling cart will result in a $30 movement fee per cart by Republic Services. Those with requests are asked to contact Republic Services directly at (847) 981-1431 to coordinate the exchange or delivery of carts.

Wheeled Carts with Lid Info

The Republic Services blue carts are made out of a heavy durable plastic. The wheels allow easy transportation to and from the curb. The lids keep garbage, recycling, and odors in while keeping the critters out.  Lid color and label designates cart type. See Below :



 Outside dimensions of the wheeled carts:

Cart Size
in Gallons

In Inches

In Inches

In Inches














Yard Waste (Organic Composting)

Residents have the option to rent a 65 or 95 gallon wheeled cart with lid to be used for organic waste collection at an annual fee of $36 and a one time $30 movement fee per cart by Republic Services. This wheeled cart was designed to remove the water from the yard waste to minimize odors. Please call Republic Services at 847-981-1431 to order Yard Waste (Organic Composting) carts.

Acceptable items for compost are:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Bread
  • Coffee grounds
  • Yard trimmings
  • Leafs
  • Branches or twigs
  • Flowers

Regular garbage, meat, bones, and seafood is not allowed. Residents can continue to use the Kraft yard waste bags for yard waste only.

Additional Information
  • Cart sizes may be changed at any time for a $30 movement fee
  • Residents may rent additional carts
  • Residents are allowed to mark their address on the wheeled carts
  • For removal of garbage cans or recycling bins no longer used, please label “Take for Garbage”
  • Additional questions? Direct to Martin Metreger